About Me


Hi! I'm Jessica, the creative force behind Tuesday Designs. I've been making jewelry on and off for many years, but it wasn't until becoming a mom that I seriously considered selling my jewelry and launching Tuesday Designs!

My husband and I moved from San Francisco to Calgary in 2018. When I'm not creating, I'm chasing after my two very busy toddlers, climbing at a variety of spots in the Bow Valley, and discovering new places around the city.

Most of my experience is working with high-quality materials like sterling silver and gold, and I feel very connected to the healing properties of semi precious stones! It's important to me to use high-quality materials; not only are they longer-lasting so you'll enjoy your products for years to come, but they're from traceable and ethical sources. I also hand-pick all the stones featured in the pieces for sale, ensuring the utmost quality of each crystal. 

I'm always on the hunt for new or unique stones. If there are any gems you'd like to see in future designs, please suggest them to me by sending me a DM on Instagram or via email (on Contact page). I'm also happy to make custom and one of a kind pieces upon request.

Thank you for supporting Tuesday Designs!